🚨Live Now: Back2Skool ft. Futurist - Will Higham 👇

I'm thrilled to share that I'm currently hosting another electrifying episode of Back2Skool. My guest today is the remarkable Will Higham, a leading futurist, strategist, speaker, and the CEO of Next Big Thing.

I've earned recognition for my ability to accurately predict future industry trends and empower businesses to stay ahead in their respective fields.

In our live conversation, we're diving deep into:

💡 The critical need for brands to evolve to stay relevant amidst the fast-paced changes of today's world.

🔮 The major trends poised to revolutionize our world in the upcoming five years.

🏗️ My perspective on the shift away from traditional power structures and its consequences for both businesses and society.

For anyone keen on grasping Gen Z's behaviours, trends, and insights, this episode is a must-watch. Join us now to get a competitive edge in the ever-changing marketplace by listening to one of the most visionary thinkers in the field of future predictions! 🚀

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