🚨 Live Now: Back2Skool ft. Rap Music & Cultural Academic - Dr. Joy White 👇

I'm thrilled to share that I'm live with another enlightening episode of Back2Skool. Today, I have the privilege of hosting Dr. Joy White, a distinguished author and a luminary in rap music studies and cultural academia. Dr. White has distinguished herself by leading groundbreaking studies into the socio-economic impacts of the UK's rap music economy, with a particular focus on the Grime music scene.

In our live conversation, we're diving into:

💡 The complex stories of young black individuals in the inner city, highlighting their experiences and paths.

🌆 The significant role brands can play in uplifting and supporting underprivileged communities, encouraging growth and positivity.

🎶 Insights into the dynamic world of inner-city black enterprise culture, revealing tales of innovation and perseverance.

If you're passionate about delving into the subtleties of rap culture, youth culture, and understanding how positive change can be fostered through brand involvement, you won't want to miss this episode. Join me now for a compelling discussion with Dr. Joy White, a forefront figure in rap music and cultural studies! 🚀