Cultural Intelligence

Yung Filly | Sneak Peak New Single 👀 | JBL Orange Box

I recently wrapped up the latest series of the Orange Box, a music culture platform I helped create four years ago for JBL. This year, I took the initiative to virtualise the series, which involved transforming talent into cross-game, full body 3D modelled avatars built on blockchain. I was thrilled to guide Nella Rose, Krept, Filly, and Ms Banks on a journey into the metaverse. We shot their avatars against a mixed-reality backdrop using a gaming engine. Once the series was filmed, I made sure the metaverse-ready avatars were handed over to the talent as NFTs. It was an awesome experience to blend my passion for web3 and street culture as we propelled The Orange Box into a whole new dimension. I'd like to give a big shout-out to Gurleen Oberoi, Simona Gaia Bara and the entire team for their contributions.