Cultural Intelligence

🔥**Hot off the Press!**🔥

I'm thrilled to share my latest article, "The Rise of Cultural Currency: A New Era for Gen-Z and Beyond", just published on The Drum.

In this article, I explore the rise of 'cultural currency', a profound force shaping the identities, values, and viewpoints of Gen-Z. This evolution is reshaping our pop culture landscape, moving it away from Eurocentrism and towards a more globally inclusive perspective.

On the hunt for cultural authenticity, Gen-Z is unapologetically embracing their cultural heritage, combining the old with the new in their everyday lives. They are rewriting narratives and elevating marginalized voices, thereby challenging and reinventing cultural norms and values.

This shift isn't simply about acknowledging or appreciating the rich tapestry of cultures around us; it's about empowerment, social justice, and grassroots activism. Brands, take note - understanding the narratives behind these trends and being aware of the cultural roots of movements you engage with is key.

If you're curious about Gen-Z trends, shifts in culture, or seeking to connect genuinely with young audiences, I invite you to read the article. Let's ignite a dialogue about the role and influence of cultural currency in our changing world. I value your thoughts, experiences, and insights!

Here's the link to the article: