Cultural Intelligence

Diving deep into the growth of culture and subcultures, I have gained valuable insights.

1️⃣ Cultivating culture is a process that requires time and consistent effort. Within our founding community, we engage in ongoing dialogues and make continuous efforts to shape our culture. Regardless of our sphere of influence, it is through persistent practices that we create lasting impacts.

2️⃣ The birth of a subculture or cultural movement does not arise from a single event but rather from a series of activities and consistent expressions. Each activity serves as a stepping stone toward building a broader cultural influence.

3️⃣ I have realized the immense power of collective creation in driving cultural transformations. When individuals unite to express a shared point of view, their group efforts possess the potential to bring about significant cultural shifts.

These lessons have brought to my attention the concept of "metalabels." A metalabel serves as a platform where like-minded groups can come together, create, and support works that align with their ideologies. It provides a structural setup that enables groups to sustain themselves over time and greatly amplifies the impact of individual members.