Cultural Intelligence


Every Friday, I'm committed to sharing a culture-defining track that epitomizes an iconic moment in music history.

The first track I'm putting under the spotlight is ‘Oi’ by More Fire Crew. Released as a single in 2001, this tune represents the pivotal transition from garage to grime. Impressively, it climbed to number eight on the charts, setting a record as a grime track. Let's give credit to the pioneers, Lethal B, Ozzie B, Neeko & Platinum 45, under the direction of Harry Syed. Stylistically, the era was defined by baggy EVISU Jeans, oversized jackets, Nike tracksuits, single Nike golf gloves, and mopeds. This track was not just my ringtone, but it also ruled every party I attended, always being the opening number after any fierce sound system takeover!