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Introducing the latest addition to our FA Campaign: the second video! Take a look and be inspired by our partnership details below.

We've joined forces with The FA Cup to revolutionize the competition, fostering cultural equity and social currency, and captivating a fresh generation of young, diverse football lifestyle enthusiasts.

To kick off the Fourth Round this weekend, we proudly present 'Emirates FA Cup Presents,' a collaborative project between the FA and renowned streetwear icons Gramm and Jehucal.

The core objective of this campaign is to provide a platform for Gramm, the Manchester-based label and creative collective, as well as London designers Jehucal. They have each crafted exceptional kit collections inspired by the local communities that have been the driving force behind their contributions to the dynamic UK streetwear scene. Through their creative process, they have brought to life the stories of their respective brands while uncovering the intertwined narratives of the Emirates FA Cup. These stories embody possibility, passion, and unwavering dedication.

Join us in celebrating the remarkable talents of Gramm, JehuCal, Ben Forrest, James Benenson, Ryan Armstrong, Xuxa Maya Deschamps, Joel Claude, Luke Sansom, Alex Johncock, and Charlotte Males. 👏